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Shotokan Dawn Supplement and Shotokan Horizon


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  • Paperback: 172 pages
  • Publisher: MONA BOOKS UK (1 May 2007)
  • Language English
  • ISBN-10: 0955512220
  • Recommended Retail Price £17.95

Unbelievable, when the two-volume, Shotokan Dawn: A Seleced Early History of Shotokan Kaeate in Great Britain (1956-1966) was actually in the process of being printed, Vernon Bell, the founder of the British Karate movement, discovered a box containing lost files and two British Federation registers, after more than seven years searching. Much of the data within these files and registers, not only filled in the gaps that were apparent in Shotokan Dawn, but added highly significant new information.


  • Paperback: 88 pages
  • Publisher: MONA BOOKS UK (1 May 2007)
  • Language English
  • ISBN-10: 0955512239

In a series of interviews shortly before his death, Vernon Bell, the founder of the British karate movement, described, in some detail, what he taught his earliest students, before his encounter with Master Tetsuji Murakami, in Paris, in August 1958. Shotokan horizon, therefore, is concerned with the karate that Bell learned from Henri Plee and Hiroo Mochizuki, whilst under the auspices of the Yoseikan dojo, in japan.
Altough strongly influenced by the Shotokan style from the outset, early British karate bore the hallmarks of French chivalry with terms such as 'cavalier stance' for kiba-datchi, 'pike-hand' for nukite, and 'hand-sabre' for shuto, being employed. Plee, considered by many to be the Funakoshi of Europe, was highly regarded by Bell, who faithfully followed his teachings in an attempt to establish karate in the british Isles.
From the author of such classics as Shotokan Dawn, Funakoshi on okinawa, and Kanazawa, 10th Dan, comes another brilliantly researched and important work.

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