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KURO-OBI  BLACK BELT, Real Fights, Real Karate, Real Japan.
Staring: Akihito Yagi (5th Dan International Meibukan Goju Ryu)
Tatsuya Naka (6th Dan JKA- Instructor Honbu-Dojo)
Yuji Suzuki (1st Dan)
DVD BLACK BELT (Kuro Obi) Real Karate, Japanese with english subtitles, 95 min. Real fight, Real Karate, Real Japan. Cinema film with real karatekas as main actors.

Set in the early years of the Showa Era in Japan, the story revolves around three men who aspire to receive
the "kuro-obi" that can go only to the rightful successor. The year is 1932. Three men are zealously engaged
in karate training at the dojo of Eiken Shibahara. Their names are Taikan ( Tatsuya Naka ), Choei ( Yuji Suzuki )
and Giryu ( Akihito Yagi ). Eiken suddenly dies, but the "kuro-obi" black belt that will designate his successor has
not yet been passed on. "Karate is not about fighting," Who will be the one to heed Eiken's words of wisdom and
receive the coveted "kuro-obi" to carry on as his successor?. In a related development , the Military Police Headquarters
takes note of the exceptional skill of these martial art practitioners and the three men are commanded to join their forces.
Then the three men that have left their dojo are thrust into a terrible and fateful encounter.

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