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Author: Christian Braun
In the introductory section, you will find a wealth of valuable tips on how to defend yourself in everyday situations, thus making you feel more secure at all times. Techniques on how you can protect yourself against a determined attacker are demonstrated.

Concerning human attacks, we have comprehensively gathered tips together, describing some of the types of attackers and their methods. A further section covers defense against dog attacks.

Many clear photos show you, for example, how to deal with and defend against close combat attacks (e.g. bear hugs/clinches), attacks using the fists or armed attacks (knife, stick, baseball bat and pistol). How you can use everyday objects to defend yourself is also covered.
An expert in self-defense and the martial arts leads you along a realistic route, showing how you can defend yourself at any time.

Christian Braun has been practicing various forms of martial arts for 20 years. Amongst other titles, he is a Grand Master in Ju-Jutsu (5th Dan). He is an instructor in Progressive Fighting Systems under Paul Vunak, who, besides other things, trains the US Special Forces Seals Unit. The author is also an instructor under Jeff Espinous, who is an expert in self-defense.

Apart from these qualifications, Christian Braun has acted as an advisor on women’s self-defense to two of the major health insurance organizations in Germany for many years.

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