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BUSHI Chojun MIYAGI, Originator of Goju Ryu

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Book BUSHI Chojun MIYAGI, Originator of Goju Ryu, Book+CD+DVD, english, 212 pages, 15 x 23 cm, Special limited Collector's Edition (1000 copies worldwide), certificate of authenticity, Written by Don Warrener and comes with a PDF of the entire book and the DVD "Disciples of Chojun Miyagi". Chojun Miyagi was the founder of all Goju Ryu Karate systems. He was given the title Bushi (Gentleman Warrior) by the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai. Written by Don Warrener author of 20th Century Samurai, Gogen The Cat Yamaguchi, America's First tenth Dan Peter Urban and a host of other historical books on martial arts this is his best work yet. It is filled with little known facts about the master. It is truly a book every student of karate needs to have in their library. Includes chapters about his teachers, his contemporaries, his students, interviews, Miyagi's philosophy and precepts, wirtings of the master, biography, short stories, etc...


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