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VOLUME 12 ~ NUMBER 1 - 2003
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VOLUME 12 ~ NUMBER 1 - 2003

Product Information

  • Pieter, W. & Heijmans, J. “Training and competition in taekwondo”
  • Masciotra, D. & Monzon, M. “A healthy body in a healthy mind: Striking out in time and space”
  • Donohue, J. “Mirror, jewel, & sword: Some thoughts on the purpose of the modern Japanese martial arts”
  • Finch, D. “Ulla Werbrouck: Olympic and European judo champion retires”
  • Pauka, K. “Silat-based Randai theater of West Sumatra makes its U.S. debut”
  • Yang, T., Lianto, A. & Figler, R. “Fajing: Issuing power as practiced in Bajiquan and northern Chinese martial systems”
  • Olson, G. “Aikido, judo, and hot peppers: A true story of violence averted”
  • Webster-Doyle, T. “Educating the mind as well as the body through martial arts training”

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